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    We have noticed over the last few years due to the fact it's so cheap & relatively easy to set up a website there are more & more websites popping up advertising rides for hire and there is now page after page of companies advertising Fairground rides for hire.

    But unfortunately, Most do not own the rides they are advertising and are simply trying to act as agents and earn some easy money.

    By advertising cheap prices to get YOUR booking then advertising YOUR event on a trade forum, Whilst you probably think they already have the ride you have booked, They are looking to find out which operator will do it for the cheapest price so they can make as much as they can for themselves.

    So you could end up with a ride that is nothing like the quality of the one you think you are getting for your hard earned money as we all know cheap & quality very rarely go together.

    Which is probably why we are hearing more than ever from clients who are unhappy with companies they have previously used.

    There are very few operators who own a large collection of Carousel Rides Ltd as we do, You could probably count them on your fingers yet there are 100+ websites advertising.

    We have also found a large number of sites have images of OUR rides on them which is why we have chosen to post this advice.

    There are a few very good agents who we occasionally work through and they have asked to use images of our rides and use them with our permission but unfortunately most have never contacted us so if you think you are going to book with them and get one of our rides then you will be disappointed on the day it arrives.

    It's hard for the general public to see which sites are agents but our advice would be to look for certain things on the site.

      •     Most have very limited contact details.

      •     A company name but no actual names and only Info@ email addresses

      •     A vast array of equipment advertised and multiple images of the same ride type i.e. 3-4 different Carousels (We are one of the only families that actually own 3)

      •     Look to see if they have a gallery of images. Showing their rides at past events to see if it's the same rides at different events, i.e. The same Carousel or a Carousel but a different one at each event. Look for ride/company history on the sites.

    We ourselves use other operators occasionally if we have a number of events on and we are asked for a ride which is already booked out but we have a very small group of companies we use and we would only supply a ride/operator who we know would do the job to the same standards as ourselves.

    We hope you find our advice is helpful and appreciate you taking the time to read it.

    Kind regards

    Brett Graham/Lol Bishton, Proprietors.

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