Formed in 1962, the Fairground Society was inaugurated at a special meeting held at Olympia, London, on 27th January. Following its first official meeting the following month its aims were set out: to uphold the customs and traditions of the English Fair; to provide interesting facilities and entertainment for members in various parts of the country; to promote unity and friendly cooperation between existing societies and showmen and to organise meetings and social gatherings of interest throughout the year.

  The Fairground Society was able to fill a vacuum that had been left with the disintegration of the F.C.S.F. in the 1950s. One of its founders, Bob Neal, thought that there needed to be a Society under which all enthusiasts could come together and share their common interest.

  It was as late as 1979 that the Society first produced a newsletter. At the time David Braithwaite, author of Fairground Architecture was the Societyís chairman. When Ray Tunnicliff took over the reins in 1985 the news sheet became an A5 booklet which he called Jottings. For ten years this was maintained, until 1995 when Ray retired from the Society and Jack Schofield took over at the helm. Bringing with him new blood, it was initially Mark Waltham who continued the Jottings as a quarterly journal.

  Harry Lee served as President for many years, and he was keen to see his memoirs published by the Society. In January 1996 he saw his wish granted, and the Harry Lee Story, edited by Kevin Scrivens and Stephen Smith, was published. This helped to boost the Societyís funds as well as its support base.

  In autumn 1997 Malcolm Slater took over as editor, and stamped his mark on the role by changing the name to Platform and by changing printers found a quality that allowed the magazine to find great favour amongst enthusiasts.

  Since taking over as Chairman, Jack Schofield, supported by his Vice-Chairman, Alan Booth, they have upheld one of the Societyís aims, by finding a different venue every year in which to hold the Annual General Meeting. Some years it has been held at fairs, such as Stamford, or parks, such as Southport and Blackpool. It has visited virtually every major collection in the country, including Teddy Reedís, Richard Prestonís, Hollycombe, and Folly Farm, Museums including Strumpshaw, Dingles and Bass, ridden on such classic rides as Howard Madenís Moonrocket and Marcus Priestís Waltzer, as well as being hosted by Jack himself at Retford.

  In 2023 the Fairground Society incorporated the assets of the British Fairground Society which were handed over at a special meeting in Leeds. This includes an important photograph collection, which has been added to several others which have been donated to the Society, included the ride images of Terry Agland,

  Today Platform is edited by Stephen Smith and comprises a colour, 40-page quarterly journal. The Society is represented regularly at Fairground meetings and exhibitions by its sales officer, Hayley Johnson, one of the co-organisers of the highly-successful Long Eaton Model Show. With Simon Harris running the membership and Kevin Scrivens as treasurer, the Society should be able to look forward to being able to celebrate 60 years of existence.


Past President: David Wallis
President: Alan Rundle

Chairman: Jack Schofield
Secretary: Judith Schofield
Treasurer: Kevin Scrivens
Membership: Simon Harris
Publications: Stephen Smith
Sales: Hayley Johnson

Committee Members

Peter Davey
Brian King
Patrick Lowe

Website: Martin Cooper.

Alan Rundle being presented the President's Chain of Office.

Stephen Smith accepting the BFS collection.

David Wallis accepting the award of life membership for his services at our President.

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